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In our makerspace, we give students the opportunity to get accustom to modern Engineering tools and equipment. Also, we empower students to learn, understand and apply STEM principles. The innovation also works by giving students unlimited access to the maker space to use the tools there to learn and work on individual or personal project to apply the knowledge that they acquire in school and also turn their ideas into reality. They get the chance to use Equipment such as 3D printers, Laser cutters, welding machines, lathe machine, sanding machine, Sewing Machines, Soldering Stations, drill press and more. This gives students possible learning experiences, access to tools and technology that they didn’t previously have and skills can be made possible through the makerspace. It will enable and encourage the students to execute all their ideas, a space that allows ideas, culture and technology to intersect so that they can create sustainable products with a sustainable business model. ​

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Practical skills training

This imparts multi skill set and hands –on industry experience to students through their final year projects to make them ready for any employment opportunities in their career. ​

final year projrct work

This provides quality assistance to the building and construction of all your final year engineering project works. accomplishment is surely within your time frame. Sign up for assistance.

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