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Experiential Learning
Experiential Learning

This service is designed to enable students to deeply understand the STEM principles or topics that are taught in the classroom. Students are facilitated to practically experiment with the knowledge that they acquire in class to see its application in reality. Ecomake Innovations has a special emphasis on the challenges of STEM education and employment in the developing world – large class sizes, scarce material resources, and the novelty of interactive pedagogies. We employ the makerspace business model, leveraging our partners’ networks to reach scale. Since 2014, we have been running workshops in Kumasi with Students. We have been growing in numbers and reach each year!

Ecomake Innovations’ Practical Engineering skills training is one of the core aims of the enterprise. The students learn practical engineering skills such as bench fitting which includes marking out, cutting, how to use the hack saw, Vernier caliper and other hand tools. Also, they learn how to use some of the power tools such as angle grinder/sanding machine, drilling machine. Students are also trained to get accustom to equipment acquire practical Engineering skills that the industry requires as they work on their projects. This imparts multi skill set and hands –on industry experience to students through their final year projects to make them ready for any employment opportunities in their career.

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