E-Waste Management

The Problem We Solve

The lack of heavy machinery e-waste recycling plant(s) in Ghana means the commercial supply chain of recycling is mostly handle by small scale recyclers causing communities such as Agbogloshie in Accra and Aboabo in Kumasi to spring up.

The local economy of Agbogbloshie and Aboabo is based on the electronic waste imports and the processing of these goods. Workers, mostly males between 16– 30years old, process the imports in search for metals, such as copper, aluminum and iron, to collect and sell. As the value and importance of copper increases, there are more incidences of people burning copper wiring, but burning copper wiring is not a safe way of releasing the copper. A half a sack of copper will sell for about 700 Ghana Cedis.

The fumes released from the burning of copper wiring are composed of highly toxic chemicals which pollutes the air. Exposure to these fumes is especially hazardous to children, as these toxins are known to inhibit the development of their reproductive system, their nervous system, and their brain in particular. Inhabitants often suffer from chronic nausea, headaches, chest and respiratory problems. Other risk includes breathing in toxic smoke, burns from hot copper, and even the danger of fire due to copper exploding into buildings and trees.

With the increase in the use of electronics, lack of central recycling plants and the commercial value of small scale recycling, it has been more than urgent to provide a bottom up approach solutions, easy to integrate into the operations of the recyclers to make their work safer and overall protect our environment.


Also, the Recyclers in this business fail to recognize that burning and melting away plastic or PVC sheathing around copper wire causes the copper to lose up to 30% in weight which ultimately erodes away their potential income.

The Solution We Offer

Ecomake Innovations  is a startup which innovates for appropriate solutions in recycling E-waste. It current product is the Copper stripping machine.

Ecomake Innovations  provides a low-tech (low-cost) Copper Stripping Machine which utilizes a roller with an option of a cutter to recycle copper wire from E-waste cables as a clean alternative to the traditional burning of this cables (releasing toxic fumes and environmental pollution) by small-scale E-waste recyclers. Machine, design and built through co-design and co-developed with the recyclers, allows the stripping different wire of different input sizes making it a versatile recycling machine.


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